Monday, July 29, 2013

Firefall's Open Beta Goes Live!

Painted this background banner for Pax East. The Characters in the forground were later done by the awesome talent of Brian Huang and J. Axer!

Here are some concepts I can show that are currently in game :)
Images are Copyrighted Red 5 Studios


Jason Scheier said...

amazing work my brother! i love the battle scene design.. the scale and atmospherics are intense! Well done man!!

Mike Tracy said...

Beautiful stuff, Mr. Ryder. You've done well for yourself, congratulations!

Anthony Francisco said...

Looking cool man!

Jonathan Ryder said...

Thanks guys for the compliments.

@Jason- Thanks man, I saw all of your Turbo work. Wow! The body of work you did on that was awesome!

@Tracy- It really means a a lot of coming from you Mike. I've always respected your skill and for you drop by and leave a compliment made my day.

Anothony!!! How are you!? and thanks man! I see you've really busy, kicking out all that awesome work on RIPD!

Anthony Francisco said...

Thanks! RIPD was fun, working at Rhythm was pretty awesome.
Yeah can't wait for your game's art book to see all the cool stuff.
I have been kept pretty busy since moving to Marvel's Visual Development team. It's kept me happy with work! Hope we can get together sometime, I know its difficult with so much stuff that goes on with our daily lives. But I am sure there will be a gap to take advantage of