Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Painting in Pixels: An Exhibition of Concept Art

 Some of my artwork will be displayed in the "Painting in Pixels: An Exhibition of Concept Art" Gallery in Riverside. I'm honored and humbled to be sharing a space next these amazing artist.The exhibition includes work from: Joon Hyung Ahn, Cliff Childs, Kenneth Shofela Coker, John 'jD' Dickenson, Thierry Doizon (aka barontieri), Colin Fix, Patrick Hanenberger, Mike Hernandez, Traci Honda, Anthony Jones, Jaime Jones, Cecil Kim, Derek Kosol, Kekai Kotaki, Michael Kutsche, Khang Le, Jerad S. Marantz, Erik D. Martin, Ben Mauro, Mike McCain, Annis Naeem, Albert Ng, James Paick, Bill Perkins, Darren Quach, Scott Robertson, Tara Rueping, Alex Ruiz, Eric Ryan,  Jason Scheier, Thom Tenery, Tyler West, Brian Yam, and Mike Yamada.

You can check out more info about this event through this link.



jason hazelroth said...

thats awesome! congrats man

Jonathan Ryder said...

Thanks Jason. I really appreciate it man, that means alot.